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Does Love Repeatedly Hurt?

  • Do you cling to painful relationships no matter how much you suffer?
  • Do you have a hard time getting over and moving on from a relationship where you’ve been hurt?
  • Do you pursue people you can’t have…or lose interest once you get them?
  • Do you continually ruin a good relationship with hurtful and confusing behavior like criticizing, cheating or running away?
  • Are you in constant conflict with your partner, arguing over the same old things and never dissolving problems once and for all?

Married, living together, dating or single, if you identify with these relationship patterns and problems you need to keep reading!   You don’t have to suffer in love!

You can break free from deeply embedded, negative patterns to create the healthy,happy, peaceful, and loving relationship you’ve longed for and have:

  • Security and trust that comes from a solid, committed relationship
  • Excitement and passion with someone you can’t wait to get home to.
  • Closeness and comfort from a deep connection to your partner.
  • Renewed health and vitality that allows you to “take on the world” because your relationship works!   …More

If you want love to stop hurting now, consider counselling with me today.  You can Win at Love!   Life is too precious to lose another moment to unsatisfying and hurtful love patterns. Wouldn’t you like to feel love NOW–without repetitive pain? Why wait another moment? 

Call 778-772-0693 today or email my office at  to schedule a FREE, confidential 10-minute telephone consultation with me with no commitment required.  Together we can talk about your problems and see how I can be of help to you today.

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21 Ways to Win at Love

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Have fun…or an Orgasm!

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Communication Can Save Your Life – Your LOVE LIFE, that is!

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Relationship Transitions – The Importance of Making Time For Each Other

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